Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Six Months

6 Months

Etta Mae has been busy for the last month! Somehow, she has gone and turned 6 months old!  She continues to do new things every day!
  • She has mastered rolling tummy to back and loves rolling all over

  • She can sit up unassisted for long periods of time with only the occasional tip over. The other day, I saw her lean all the way forward and pick up a toy that must have weighed 1-2 lbs and pull it into her lap!

  • She is sleeping on her tummy for all naps and at night.  

We have also experienced several other 'firsts' lately!

Etta Mae's first Christmas was a blast. She was extra spoiled by everyone.  First, we went to visit Mimi in Little Rock. 
Playing with daddy's blocks from when he was a kid

On Christmas Eve, Papa and Uncle Larry came to visit!  Somehow, I forgot to take any pictures, but he got Etta Mae an awesome convertible car seat! She loves it, and it is so comfy!  

We spent Christmas Day with just the three of us.  Thanks to Uncle Tyler for going crazy on gifts.  He was Santa this year!
The loot from everyone!

She is pretty excited!

Next, we went to visit Grammy!

Book that Grammy recorded for Etta Mae
Etta Mae and I also got special gifts from Grammy.  These guardian angel pendants have diamonds in the wings from my grandma and the larger center diamond is from Grammy.  

She got so many gifts that we had to rearrange our dining room so she would have her own space (dog free!)

Right after Christmas, Etta Mae got to see her first snowfall!  It wasn't much (and she wasn't outside for more than a few minutes), but she looked cute!

We have also let Etta Mae start experimenting with solid foods.  She isn't entirely sure about it, but so far she has tried bananas, avocado, sweet potatoes, mango, prunes, green beans, oatmeal and yogurt. She loves to pull the spoon to her mouth and usually makes a big mess.  If nothing else, it makes for some cute pictures!

We had a wonderful Christmas break, but before and after that, Etta Mae and Monroe were having lots of fun.

As always, Etta Mae did an awesome job during her monthly photo shoot.  It's so hard to pick just one "official" picture each month.  Here are a couple of my other favorites.

Until next month!