Thursday, February 21, 2013

Seven Months


I'm a little late getting this written, like always. The last month has been so full of new things for Etta Mae! She is such a sweet, happy baby!  Everyday, I get to hear her giggles! Here is a roundup of some of the things she started doing between 6 and 7 months.

She loves her daddy and has started saying "dadadada".  Okay, so maybe she doesn't know what she's saying.  And sometimes it comes out as "lalalala" or "babababa". Just waiting for the elusive "mama"!

She wants so badly to be mobile.  She has been rocking on all fours and gets so frustrated that she can't get what she wants!  Her favorite time to practice is in bed, especially at 4 am...

One of my favorite new things is that she reaches out for mom and dad to pick her up.  It's so sweet!

She has also started shaking her head back and forth like she's saying no.  It's hilarious to watch.

We recently got Etta Mae a bigger bath tub because she was trying to climb out of her infant tub.  She is having so much fun playing with her toys!  And she even figured out how to splash.

She loves riding in the cart or sitting in high chairs when we go places.

She has figured out that if she is on her tummy, she can push herself up to sitting.  She also loves doing this in bed at 4 am!

She continues to try new foods all the time.  She loves carrots, prunes, yogurt, peaches and many more. She also enjoys frozen mango in her mesh feeder.

We were so excited that Courtney and Uncle Tyler came to visit! Since he was in town, Grammy and Dave visited and Papa came that weekend, too.  Mimi also came to town.  Etta Mae loved all the attention!

Awesome new toy from Grammy!

 Good times with Monroe:

Other favorites from her 7 month photo shoot:

Until next month!  Since it's already half over, I can promise that some fun stuff happens :)