Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Traveling Baby

Waiting on the airplane
We have had quite a crazy month! Etta Mae took her first plane ride! My 10 year high school reunion was scheduled for the end of September, so I decided to take Etta Mae for a visit to Joplin. It was a fast and furious trip. 

We visited my dad in Seneca, and Etta Mae had a great time riding the train.

I was so excited to see all of our friends in Fayetteville! We had a great lunch with the Maland's celebrating baby Luke's dedication then headed to visit with the Smiths.  I'm not sure if Monroe and Etta Mae remembered each other, but they still had fun. It was crazy to see how much they have grown.  Monroe is a full head taller than Etta Mae now! After eating plenty of applesauce with Monroe, we headed over to Nicole's for dinner and a fun sleepover.

We also had a great time at the pumpkin patch with Grammy before going to visit my friend Kayla and her sweet daughter, Olive.

It seems like Etta Mae learns to climb on something new everyday.  She's crazy stubborn, and won't stop until she figures it out.  Her latest victims are the slide and the couch.

Helping daddy with the yard

Last weekend, we took another mommy/ daughter trip.  This time, by car.  We drove to Dallas to visit Tyler and Courtney and so that I could attend the Birth Without Fear Conference. I'm worried that I will never have a niece or nephew after leaving Etta Mae with them for two whole days!

Visiting Uncle Tyler's office
Etta Mae has been amazing us lately with her growing vocabulary. It seems like it just appeared out of nowhere.  Among all of her babbling, is some actual words! Some of the new ones she added recently are: baby, bless you, yucky, Samson, water, buckle, vacuum, all done, bye bye, ice, glasses, and belly button (buh buh). And, she's as hilarious as ever.  When she hears a dog bark, she holds her finger up to her mouth and says "shhh". She also blinks when you wink at her and loves jumping up and down!

It has finally started cooling off (sort of) in Baton Rouge, and we are so ready for fall!  There are lots of fun Halloween activities over the next couple of weeks that we are excited to attend.  It will be great to be able to spend more time outside and enjoy the beautiful autumn weather in Louisiana.