Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Catching Up

Clearly this weekly update thing is not working for me.  I get so far behind that I can't remember what happened during the week I'm supposed to be blogging about.  So, I'm just going to try to remember everything from my last post until now.  

Here is a recap of a few things that have been going on lately.

Etta Mae's 4 month sleep regression is in full swing.  I was so spoiled when she was sleeping through the night, but I knew there would probably come a time when that stopped.  Her sleep now is pretty unpredictable.  Luckily, she usually only wakes up once in the middle of the night. We bought "Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit" to help transition her out of the swaddle.  It has helped to make some naps longer, but night sleep is pretty much the same.  She does like that she can suck on her hands at night!  But, it looks pretty silly.

She has learned to suck her thumb, and does it often.  She hasn't figure out how to make a fist yet, though, so sometimes she pokes herself in the eye!

Samson is her new best friend!  She watches every move he makes and loves it when he licks her hands.

I was really not looking forward to Etta Mae's 4 month shots, but she did soooo much better than last time.  She only cried for a second (she was super grumpy the next few days, though).  At her appointment, the doctor said she looked perfect.  She was 15 pounds and 24.5 inches.

The day after her shots was Thanksgiving, so we headed to visit my dad and then my mom.  The shots made Etta Mae pretty grumpy all day, so we really didn't get any good pics of her Thanksgiving outfit.  This one was taken at the end of the day, and since I woke up at 4:30 that morning, I was looking a little ragged by the afternoon.

The weekend after Thanksgiving, we put up our tree!  I usually have a purple, teal, and silver theme, but decided to go with a more traditional decor this year.

Luckily, we got the tree up before all of these goodies arrived from Uncle Tyler!  Can someone say spoiled?

Yesterday, we also hit another milestone.  Etta Mae rolled over for the first time!  I was convinced that I would miss it and run to grab something then find her flipped over.  Luckily, I caught it on video. I feel so blessed to be able to be with her every day so that I can see all of the fun things she learns.

Here are a few pics of her just looking cute :)

Can you tell that I love leg warmers?!?!

And of course, she and Monroe have been doing lots of fun things too!
Coordinating Outfits

Taking a "bubble bath"

Competing for toys

Rolling into each other

Chatting about boys

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