Monday, September 9, 2013

Catching WAY Up

So, the last time I blogged was when Etta Mae was 7 months old.  She is now 14 months old which means I have a lot of catching up to do. And, a lot has happened in the past 7 months! I guess I'll start with a quick recap of Etta Mae's last few months.

8 Months
At 8 Months, Etta Mae: loves clapping, pushing things across the floor, pulling up on everything, eating finger foods, and can go from standing to sitting without holding anything.  She also started crawling shortly after I posted last.

9 Months
At 9 Months, Etta Mae: Loves to wave and push buttons, stands unassisted for a few seconds, shakes things and bangs them together, climbs into any basket or container she can fit into, pretends to hand stuff to you then pulls it back, loves to make the "duck face"

10 Months
At 10 Months, Etta Mae: tries to stack things, cruises along furniture, 'reads' books by turning pages and babbling, tips up bottles like she's drinking from them, opens and closes doors, hugs and pats her baby dolls, twirls her hair and sucks her thumb when she's sleepy.

11 Months
At 11 Months, Etta Mae: tries to snap her fingers, chases Samson, loves rocking in chairs or on the floor, WALKS!

12 Months
At 12 Months, Etta Mae: Signs "more", "eat", "drink"; can point to her eyes, nose, and mouth when asked; holds up her foot when it's time to put on her shoes, "rolls the dough" when playing patty cake, dances to music, knocks on doors, says "hi", "uh oh", "ow", "dog", "shoes"

At 13 Months, Etta Mae: Loves to spin around in circles and walk on her tip toes, points to the iPod when she wants to listen to music, runs when you chase her, can climb on the couch, loves playing outside in the grass, holds everything up to her ear like a phone, semi-successfully uses a fork and spoon, swipes the screen on the iPhone and iPad, opens her mouth and says "aaahh" when brushing her teeth, says "down/done", "diaper" (da-dum), "bath", "hair", "baby", and "hello"

We've had some big family changes, as well.  Jason accepted a position with LSU as the Director of Fan Experience, so we moved to Baton Rouge at the end of April.  We love it so far! The parks are beautiful, and we're really looking forward to the mild winters! Jason is really enjoying his new job and getting used to wearing purple. And, Etta Mae loves visiting Mike the Tiger.

Etta Mae took swim lessons!

We took an amazing vacation to Navarre Beach with my mom, Dave, aunt Margaret, Melissa, Sophie and Maya. At first, Etta Mae wasn't sure about the sand and the ocean, but she loved walking along the beach by the time we left.

We also had some awesome family pictures taken by Jessica Whittle Photography!

When we got home, we had a birthday party for Etta Mae.  Uncle Tyler and Courtney came, and we were so excited to hang out with them. And one thing is for sure, Etta Mae LOVES cake!

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to stay home with Etta Mae since we moved. I recently decided to pursue a career that I've been interested in since I was pregnant.  I completed a DONA Doula workshop and have been working on setting up my business! Have no idea what a doula is or does? You can find lots of info on my Facebook and Website! I can't wait to start helping mamas!

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the last few months:


  1. We have very similar tastes! I keep seeing things in your pictures that I either have or have coveted. We even have the same crib! I think that Jack and Etta Mae need to have a playdate soon.

    1. Yes! That sounds great! I think I "met" a friend of yours on Facebook yesterday, too! We both like a page for Tula babycarriers and figured out we live in the same city!