Wednesday, September 19, 2012

10 Weeks - New Adventure

As it turns out, I have pictures for every day around the day Etta Mae turned 10 weeks old, but not that day!  So here's one from the day before.

She's up to all kinds of fun things these days!

Tummy Time
  • She still hasn't perfected her laugh, but is getting SO close
  • "Standing Up" is still her favorite thing to do
  • She is finally starting to respond when we talk to her by mimicking words like "ooooo"
  • She can usually be counted on to sleep from around 9:30 to between 5:30 and 7:00 am without waking up!
  • Naps are not quite so good.  Our 2 hour naps are pretty much non-existent and have been replaced with naps that last 1 hour tops
  • She has definitely found her hands and loves sucking on her fists which drives mommy a little crazy!
Ceiling fans are amazing!

Burping makes me sleepy!

This is way more entertaining than the football game on TV
The big news of the week is actually about me!  As the time to send our girls to daycare got closer, Rea and I both got emotional.  Not surprising at all! We started discussing some alternative options and out of those discussions we (and our dear husbands of course) decided that I would watch Etta Mae and Monroe while Rea is at work.  It is the perfect scenario for both of us.  And best of all, it really will force our girls to be BFFs :)  I have spent about two weeks watching them, and it's so fun to see them every day.  And I've loved getting to see Rea more often.  You can expect to see plenty of pics of both of them.  Here's a little sampling from the last week!
Monroe just happened to roll over when I took this making it look a little inappropriate!

We're hungry!!!

Rolling and tummy time action shot

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