Saturday, September 29, 2012

11 Weeks

Because the Arkansas football game isn't worth watching, and because I was supposed to 4 days ago, I figured I'd get the blog post done for Etta Mae's 11th week!  Once again, I can't find a pic from that day- Oops!  Here's one from another day just because she so cute!

I spent the week with Etta Mae and Monroe again.  They always keep me on my toes! My solution is to put them in straightjackets ;)

Saturday, my mom and Dave came to visit.  We went out to eat before Jason had to go to work.  Etta Mae did pretty well as long as she was being held.  That seems to be a new theme for her! We tried out the stroller without the car seat and took a walk to the mailbox.  She loves to be outside!

Smiling at Grammy!

Sunday, Jason went to Bentonville to pick up the frames we ordered from 2 Katie Designs for over the couch.  They turned out great!

She is almost big enough to sit in the Bumbo seat.  Her head control is great, but she tends to tip over to one side.

I will attempt to make sure my next post is on time, but no guarantees!  Now to drown my sorrows over the game...

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