Saturday, October 27, 2012

15 Weeks Old

Yes, this post is late AGAIN.  Better late than never!  I apparently didn't take any pictures on the 22nd when Etta Mae turned 15 weeks old, but I did take this video of her on the monitor trying to get out of her bed during nap time!

This was also the first week that Etta Mae got to see all of her grandparents in the same week!  Incidentally, I didn't get a picture of her with any of them!  Figures...

Tuesday, we went out to eat at Catfish Hole with Jason's dad, Buddy, and Step-mom, Connie.  Etta Mae was great until the very end.  She had fun watching us from her carseat.

Wednesday, My dad and my uncle Larry came to visit for the day.  Etta Mae had so much fun with them and giggling at my dad! Thursday, Jason's mom, Mary Lou, came to town and spent the afternoon helping me with Etta Mae and Monroe and then had dinner with us.  Then, on Friday, we met my mom, Buddy and Connie for the craft shows and lunch.  Etta Mae was awesome!  She spent a lot of the time sleeping in the sling and getting lots of compliments about how cute she is.  It wore her out!

Friday night we decided it was time to start some sleep training.  In anticipation, we put her Rock N Play sleeper in her room Wednesday night to see how she slept.  It went great!  So Thursday night we put her in her crib for the first time, and she slept like normal - yay!  I had been getting increasingly frustrated at the effort it was taking to get Etta Mae to sleep, especially at nap time.  Spending 20 minutes holding her to get her to sleep was wrecking havoc on my back and was sooo time consuming.  Not to mention that the naps were only 30 minutes long.  We decided to start with nights and to go with a very gentle method called Pick Up Put Down.  It basically consists of getting baby drowsy then putting her in the crib.  If she cries, you pick her up until she settles then put her back down.  Repeat until she's asleep.  The first night we apparently got her a little too drowsy, because she fell asleep the first time we put her down!  I was all geared up to spend hours on this and it took 5 minutes!  The next night took a little longer and involved one pick up, but was overall very good.  I decided Sunday to try it out for some naps, too.  Since she was doing so well, I got her less drowsy and extended the time before picking her back up.  It is still going great.  I wish I had known it would be this easy so I could have done it long ago.  Although there is still a little crying, especially at naptime.  It is actually less than it was when we were holding her to get her to sleep!  Win win!

As always, Etta Mae and Monroe have been having tons of fun!  They are learning to share :)
Sharing toys

Sharing fingers - eww!

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