Friday, October 19, 2012

Week 14

Etta Mae is learning so many things!  She has recently started giggling (so sweet) and reaching for toys!  

On Wednesday, Jason took Etta Mae to Bella Vista to visit with his dad and step-mom.  It was the first time I had been home alone since she was born except for one time that I came home to unload groceries and take a shower while Rea watched her.  When they left, I thought I might have a panic attack being away from her.  Then about 20 minutes later, I realized how nice it was to spend some time on myself in my own home.  Next time I need some "me" time, I may just have to send Jason and Etta Mae out for some daddy-daughter bonding time.
Daddy always falls asleep too when he's putting her down for a nap

I had also been thinking that I needed to get some pictures done since Etta Mae is 3 months old, and emailed Tonya Reeves with Tonya Reeves Photography.  She did the photography for my great friend Jessica's wedding and it was awesome.  I've been stalking her Facebook since then, and really wanted her to get some pics of Etta Mae.  I emailed her on Thursday and she got right back to me to let me know that she had an opening pop up on Saturday!  We had such a good time, and Etta Mae was so cute.  Here are a few preview shots she put up. I'm so excited to see the rest!

And here's a look at what Etta Mae and Monroe have been up to!

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