Sunday, February 19, 2012


Today was probably the most productive day I've had since I found out I was pregnant.  And it was awesome!  When I woke up, I vacuumed and cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen.  Then I had a lovely lunch at Hog Haus with my brother and Courtney before going to Wal-Mart for groceries.  When I got home, I started my first of SIX loads of laundry and did the dishes.  I've been wanting to clean my car for ages and finally knocked that out, too!  I have a major hate hate relationship with our carpeted stairs.  You would think they are magnetic the way dog hair sticks to them, so I worked on those for awhile and they look SO much better.  I took a lint roller to the couch, and then took a break.  Pretty soon, Jason came home from working at the baseball game and we rushed off to our storage unit with a load of furniture (So thankful that Jason got the nursery all cleaned out and moved the furniture into our garage so I could work on the nursery).  To cap off the evening, Jason grilled some yummy burgers.  What a great day!

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