Thursday, March 22, 2012

Doctor, Doctor

Samson and I both had appointments with the doctor yesterday.  Dr. Collins said  the little one is a "happy baby" since her heart rate was 161 (same as last time), so that's good! Samson, on the other hand, got in trouble for gaining 8 pounds in the last year - oops!  But that doesn't sound so bad considering I gained 9 this month!  Yikes, I'm in trouble with myself!  I was really wanting to keep it at the previous pace of 1 pound per week.  

I was hoping to take some pictures at Jessica's wedding this weekend, but we forgot the camera and didn't think to take any on our phones, so I let Whitney take one of me at work on Tuesday.  This is 23 weeks, 4 days.  I pretty much feel huge and am a little nervous about the weeks to come!

I've also been bummed lately because I can't make all of the cute (and so expensive) boutique dresses I've seen lately.  I love them, but just can't stomach the price.  So, I'm thinking about taking some sewing lessons.  My mother may remember the last time I tried to learn to sew.  It lasted about 30 minutes and wasn't pretty.  Hopefully, this time will yield better results.  I want to be able to to make things like these (all courtesy of some amazing and talented etsy sellers):

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