Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rhea Lana

Rea and I had so much fun today at Rhea Lana!  If you're unfamiliar with Rhea Lana, it is a franchise consignment event.  Basically, thousands of families in Northwest Arkansas take 'all things kid' to sell on consignment during the week long event.  There was TONS of stuff - clothes, strollers, toys, and all kinds of other gear and furniture.  Moms To Be are in one of the first groups to have access to the store, and it was packed.  You could barely move without running into another pregnant lady, and it didn't help that we all take up more space than we did a few months ago.  Although we didn't find any furniture or gear, we made out pretty well when it comes to clothes.  Here are a few of the cute things I found.

 I should probably slow down or this little girl is going to have more clothes than days to wear them!

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