Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bow Party

Lately, I had started to get a little bit concerned because my little girl had a serious bow shortage.  After all, every little girl needs bows and there is no such thing as too many bows.  Luckily, my friend Lori who has an adorable 6 month old daughter has become quite the pro at bow making.  Here are the ones she made for me and gave me at my shower.

We'd been talking for awhile about having a bow party, and we finally did it!  Lori, Rea, and I made a LONG trip to Hobby Lobby to get all of the supplies.  By the time we got done with that, the pregnant ladies were hungry, so we had to stop and get pizza. After we stuffed our faces with pizza and no-bake cookies, Lori taught us what the heck to do.  She assured us that flowers are the easiest, so we started with those.  

Looks hot pink, but it's actually red

This one is red, too

Once we figured out the flowers (and they were so easy - it's crazy that these are so expensive in the the stores!), we moved to the much more difficult ribbon bows.  Our first few tries weren't great, but we got better.

This one will be great for Razorback games! 

I also found this bow that I wore on my wedding dress during the reception.  I got it from an awesome Etsy seller, Rosebud Lips, who donates to a great cause with every purchase from her store. 
Set Hope Free. This is a project that I'm so passionate about. It's about redeeming women who have been held captive and have been sold into slavery. Human trafficking doesn't just happen in other countries, but in our cities. Please know that each item that you purchase contributes to a care package that is being sent to help these women reclaim their dignity. To make them feel beautiful again. To learn more, go to and see what we are doing.
It will look so cute in her newborn pictures!  

The whole day was so much fun!  I love when I am able to make stuff myself.  It means so much more than just buying things.  Although, buying things is fun, too!  It's been great seeing all of the packages we ordered showing up at our door.  Can't wait until we get to use it all!

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