Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fix It, Change It, Rearrange It

I've realized that I'm at the point in my pregnancy in which there aren't too many big things left to do.  So instead, I find myself redoing the things I've already done.  I'm pretty sure her closet has been reorganized about 10 times.  But it looks cute!  Other than that, there are just a few things left to do:

  • Finish buying some last minute "necessities" and put away the things we've ordered as they arrive
  • Mount the video monitor on the wall
  • Figure out where we want to put the humidifier
  • A load or so of baby laundry
  • Buy a few things for and pack my hospital bag (exciting!)
The last couple of weeks have seemed like the longest weeks EVER, and I have a feeling the next few won't be much better!  

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