Wednesday, June 27, 2012

37 Weeks 5 Days

But who is counting, right?  Since last weekend I've definitely noticed an uptick in discomfort (and it doesn't help that it's been over 100 degrees the last few days with no end in sight).  My hands are very sore and numb, and sleeping feels like it takes work!  I was feeling so badly today that I had to come home early from lunch.  Luckily, I was able to get a great nap in thanks to the recliner in the nursery.

I saw Dr. Collins again on Monday, and nothing had changed (not even my weight- yay!) so no exciting news on the baby front.  We're just trying to be as patient as possible.  Knowing she could be here any day makes that hard, and knowing it could still be 4 weeks makes it even harder!

We did knock something off of our to-do list when Jason got home today that I am excited about.  We went by the Farmington Police Department where they have an officer certified in making sure carseats are installed correctly.  Obviously Jason is already a pro dad because he had everything put in perfectly.  

Our awesome photographers also just posted the gallery to our maternity pictures!  So exciting!  Once I get the official disc, I will post some for your viewing pleasure.  I feel like I'm as big as a house in them, but aside from that they turned out great!!!

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