Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The First Week

I cannot believe that Etta Mae is 8 days old! While I can't even remember what life was like without her, it has been the fastest week of my life! I want her to stay this little and perfect forever.

I was so nervous during my pregnancy because I honestly hadn't spent much time around babies.  I had no idea what I was supposed to do with my own.  My friends reassured me that it would come naturally, and for the most part that was very true.  I have learned so much about diapers, poop color, gas drops and tummy time.  But mostly, I've found that there is nothing better than holding a little baby and watching her faces while she sleeps.

We came home on Wednesday, and I was so lucky to have my mom in town for a few days.  I was feeling pretty good, but still very sore and it was hard to get around.  I spent most of the time on the couch being waited on.  And she did it all - cleaned, cooked, did laundry.  She even brought me breakfast in bed one day!  I felt so bad ordering her around - "Can you get me some water?", "I left 'fill in the blank' upstairs, can you go get it?".

The first thing I wanted when I got home was Papa John's pizza.  I'd never tasted a better pizza in my life!  The first day, we just stared at her in awe of how stinking cute she is.
Since 1950, every little girl on my mom's side
of the family has had a picture in this dress.

That first night was not easy.  I didn't know what to expect, and she definitely had me scared of what I had gotten myself into. She cried.  Then she cried some more.  There was nothing we could do to make her stop except rocking her in the nursery.  So, the three of us took shifts in the chair to make sure she got some sleep.  Needless to say, we were all very tired the next day.

Day 2 at home, we continued with the baby staring (I have a feeling that will never stop!). She slept most of the day and got rocked and cuddled nonstop.  We had several visitors - Nicole, Rea and Gina, and Jessica.  Thanks for the food ladies :)

That night, Etta Mae got her first bath!  At first she screamed.  Once we got her hair washed and put a towel over her head, she seemed to really enjoy it.  She was alert and awake after and then took a nice long nap in her swing.  So content!

We all hoped that the bath would be the golden ticket to a good night's sleep.  Everything was great as we got ready for bed.  She slept peacefully in the Pack N Play by our bed.  Jason and I laid down about at 11, and just as I was pulling the covers up over me, the crying started!  And night 2 was a carbon copy of night 1.  I was convinced I'd never sleep again.

Friday was our busiest day, yet.  Etta Mae's newborn pictures were at 8:30 with Amber Lanning Photography.  She was fabulous, and I can't wait to see and share the pictures.  Jason and I had to leave halfway through the shoot to go to my doctor appointment, and my mom stayed to help.  It's so exciting that many of the pictures will be a surprise.

After my appointment, Jason and I went back to the studio to pick up mom and baby and headed to her first pediatrician appointment.  Everything checked out well.  As we knew, our little girl was perfect.  The only minor concern was that she was down to 9 lbs (small, right?) so they wanted us to come back in a few days for a weight check to make sure she was gaining it back.

That night, we did bath time again.  This time, she screamed the entire bath.  Guess bath one was a fluke!  As we got ready for bed, we prepared for our nightly shifts.  We swaddled her and put her in the Pack N Play and waited for her to wake up.  But, she never did!  I even had to wake her up to eat!  And when I put her back down, she slept again without waking up to cry.  The sleep was amazing!

Saturday morning, my mom left and my dad came by to visit for the day.  I was feeling so much better and even got out of the house.  I had Tyler take me to Terra Tots and Wal-Mart so I could get a few things done.  I picked up the house a little, too.  It was great to get a few things done.

I found out that evening, that my sweet grandma had gone to heaven, so it was such a bittersweet day.  It was Etta Mae's due date.  My grandma had been sick for awhile and we had a feeling it wouldn't be much longer, but that never makes it any easier.  Luckily, the entire family had gone to visit a couple of weeks ago, so I did get to see her before it got too bad.  I only wish she would have had the chance to meet her great-granddaughter.  She did at least get to see pictures, though, so that is very comforting.  I know Etta Mae will have an awesome guardian angel.

That night was our first night to ourselves.  I was so afraid that our crying baby would be back, but she was just perfect and slept again - only waking up when I got her up to eat.  I must say that I've never been so happy to be able to sleep on my back.  I missed it so much while I was pregnant.

We got up the next morning to get ready for Jason's mom to come to town.  When I let the dogs out, I noticed that the dining room table was wet.  And our camera and my purse were on it!  At first I was confused.  Then, I looked up.  There was water leaking down from the ceiling onto the table, chairs, and floor.  I freaked out a little.  Thank goodness for homeowner's insurance.  This is my dining room right now.

That evening, Jason's mom made a delicious roast for dinner and then watched Etta Mae while Jason and I went and got some ice cream (it was National Ice Cream Day!).  We got home and had baby bath time, and enjoyed night 3 with a sleeping baby - yay!

Monday, Etta Mae turned 1 week old.  It's so sad to see how quickly time flies!

My mom, aunt Margaret, cousin Melissa and her girls Sophie and Maya came to town.  It was great to see them.  I know that they had all been waiting not-so-patiently to meet the new baby!  Especially Maya who held her for hours.  She'll be such a great mommy someday!  It was awesome to see them.  

We had another perfect night last night night.  Etta Mae and I both had doctor appointments today, and both went wonderfully.  Etta's was mostly just a weight check, and they were pleased that she had started gaining back some weight.  Yay for 2 oz!!!  Dr. Collins said I was healing well, and I've lost 30 pounds since the week before she was born.  Can't complain about that! 

And I finally found a baby book I want from Ruby Love Designs on Etsy.com

And I am honestly feeling sooo much better. I was pleasantly surprised in the beginning that the recovery wasn't as bad as I had feared, but now I'm starting to feel almost normal.  I'm not quite 100%, but don't think it should be too much longer.

Jason and I have the rest of the week to relax together before he goes back to work on Monday.  I'm looking forward to spending some time with our perfect family.  As anyone who knows him can imagine, he is an AMAZING dad already.  He has been wonderful about helping me in every way as I recover.  And, he has so many sweet wonderful moments with his little girl.  He is definitely the one that is best at calming her when she cries and a much better diaper changer than I am!  Etta Mae is definitely going to be a daddy's girl and she has the perfect dad for that!  I can't imagine having a family with anyone else.

We are loving life and can't wait to find out what parenthood has in store for us!

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  1. They are still cute when they are sleeping even when they are teenagers.