Saturday, August 4, 2012

Three Weeks and Then Some

So, I had this goal of blogging every Tuesday so I could write about the week before.  I guess I made it two weeks before completely forgetting this past Tuesday.  Thanks to Carla Hugg for making sure to call me out on that!  So, I have a little catching up to do!
3 Weeks Old - It took about 100 tries to get this because she was not cooperating that day!  Had to wait for her to fall asleep.
After 3 weeks, we are finally starting to get the hang of each other.  Sort of.  Etta Mae usually throws me a few curve balls.  We have figured out that she is fussiest between 8 and 10 pm (and man is she fussy), she loves being outside as long as she is being held and is not in the stroller, she always falls asleep when I wear her in the Ergo or ring sling which means I can actually get a few things done, and many more quirks!

My dad came to visit on the 26th, and it was great to see him again.  We ran some errands and hung out.  It was nice to have someone to talk to during the day!  Just before he left it started storming and hailing and of course, Etta Mae, was napping.  Luckily, she slept right through it!

That Friday, we took our first "road trip" to Springfield for my grandma's service.  It was a difficult day, but Etta Mae did great, and everyone was happy to see her.  It's still hard for me to believe that my grandma is gone, but I know she is enjoying looking down on her great-granddaughter every day (and I'm sure she gets some good chuckles watching me try to figure out this mom stuff...).  Since we actually put on some decent clothes, we took our first picture of the three of us.  I think it came out so cute!

Etta Mae is right on track with getting more fussy.  It apparently starts around 3 weeks, and she has definitely followed that trend.  It's mostly in the evenings, but she has been harder to console in general.  I hope that it doesn't last too long.  I have been trying to put her down for naps more often to hopefully keep her from getting overly tired.  We'll see if that helps.  She is even napping in her crib for the first time (We finally got to use the Motorola video monitor and it is AWESOME).  It also didn't make it any easier that she went through a bit of a growth spurt in week 3.  She was hungry ALL THE TIME.  I thought I would never get a break or get anything done!

We went back to the pediatrician on her 3 week birthday for a weight check, and I'm happy to report that she was up to 9 lbs 13.5 oz!  Still not at birth weight, but getting sooo close!  The doctor was happy with how much she's gaining and said she looks great.  Of course, we already knew that :)  We do have to go back again next week for another weight check, and I'm hoping she'll be back up to 10 lbs 3 oz so that we don't have to go back for awhile.

This past Wednesday was a busy day for us!  At 11, we went to Terra Tots for the a Baby Wearing meeting.  I wanted some help learning to adjust the new ring sling.  Etta Mae was awesome!  She was awake and alert the whole time and so content.  Of course, once she got in the sling she went right to sleep.

After that, we went to visit Rea and Monroe for the first time since Etta Mae was born.  Lucky for Rea, Monroe was asleep the whole time.  It was awesome to catch up and compare mommy notes!

Everything I've read says that babies don't smile intentionally until about 6 weeks, but I'm convinced that Etta Mae is ahead of the curve.  The last few days, when I kiss her cheeks she flashes a big grin.  It can't be a coincidence every time!  It's the sweetest thing!  One of these days, I'll hopefully catch a picture.

Here are some pictures from the last week and a half!
Just relaxing

Playing with my babysitter

Love this diaper!
Yesterday, I picked up the disc of Etta Mae's newborn pictures!  I must say that Amber Lanning is awesome!  I love every picture!  But, if I had to narrow it down, here are a few of my favorites. Ok, maybe more than a few.  I'm pretty sure I want a wall size version of every one plastered all over my house!

My very favorite!

Tomorrow we are heading to Little Rock for our first overnight trip away from home.  Sunday we'll be celebrating all of the birthdays in Jason's family since most of them are around this time.  Then on Monday, I'll be attending the Shoot Your Kids Workshop from Benfield photography.  Dale Benfield is an awesome photographer in Northwest Arkansas who is actually from Joplin.  In fact, he was the photographer for my senior pictures way back when.  I've heard so much about the workshops that he and his wife Meredith put on, and I've always said I would attend one when I had a baby.  Little did I know it would be 4 weeks after she was born.  It will be the longest I've ever been away from her, but it will be worth it to learn how to take some great pictures of Etta Mae for my blog!

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  1. She's a little cutie!!! I'm glad that while I am so far away I can stay on the up and up with you and little miss Etta Mae!! Those photos are too sweet!!!